How this all began…

We are longtime friends from sunny southern Arizona, and we love playing sports and being outdoors with our families. But no matter how much sunscreen we slop on, the damaging effects of the UV rays persist. That is how uvida® was born! We developed a line of stylish, dry-wicking and light-weight sun-protective clothing with state-of-the-art fiber technology. uvida® is so comfortable, you will want to wear it every day!
Our thanks from the uvida® family,
Our uvida® products are developed in collaboration with Dr. Michael J. Huether, a board certified dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon. Dr. Huether has treated over 50,000 cases of skin cancer, and he strongly believes in prevention. All garments are UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and have been tested to textile industry standard AATCC 183. UPF 50+ blocks 98% of the sun’s damaging rays. Garments maintain UPF 50+ sun protection when exposed to chlorinated or salt water.